Slep Sessions and Thirteen Fingers" Somnaphobia" + Sleep Sessions "Lead into Gold"

Dawid Kowalski is a relatively young guy in the field of noise/experimental music. Working under Sleep Sessions alias he has elaborately crafted a really involving stuff that revolves around the idiom of harshnoise. The two materials I have been listening to have one and a very good thing in common- they are laconic in their perspective of seeing this genre and using it as a tool.There is some nice feel to it when You bear in mind that there are so many people which are into noise enjoying their music in a very natural and direct way. What is nice about Dawid's music is that it goes straight to the point but is derived from something deeper underneath.
The quirky passages of noise-stuffed walls of sounds go together with raw unprocessed energy.Zen noise is something of a label I would like to give it, nevertheless it is of course not a definition that should be a trait in listening and absorbing it.
available as a free download at artist's myspace lookee into links section


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