atrabilis sunrise - altered alternaive (boredom level)

It feels really that I haven't reviewed such extraordinary and unique material in great deal of time.
First thing is that the tracks counter doesn't cover the actual number of tracks which is a nice asset- gets you stay focused a little more than the usual listening experience. Officially there are 17 tracks on this CD with intruiging titles like 'Hermana Cronaline', 'Auto-erotic Y Fuerte', 'Les Poumons De Leurs Camarades', 'Tryptamine For The Soap' and 'Santa Salvia'. Makes me feel about the dada finest's! Pascal Bourdon - the man behind this project did a really good job - genuine spirit of following the pursuit of creatinfg something of his own. We have experiments here with loops and even melodies which makes the whole cd really digestive and at the same time keeping it very edgy experience. Sometimes I get the feeling that the author tried it more "conceptual" than "experimental", but the construct of the art work is really impressive. It is worth every penny in the world to get it. Released by Deserted Factory DF016 / September 2004
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