Government Alpha · Impregnable Storm CDR NN VI · April 2009

· Electric Sandstorm
· Venusian Dragon
· Electromagnetic Aurora
· Thorny Tornado
· Desertification
· Infinity

Yasutoshi Yoshida is a man of the hour when it comes to japanese noise and the noise worldwide. Working mostly under Government Alpha alias, he also leads Xerxes label.
His trademark is a great piece of multi-layered, feedback fueled noise wall of sound. Yet his work is not a mere soundart but also tries to get the feeling of something deeper. and this is also the case of this album. Beautifully printed cover which is actually a poster when you unfold it gives a real pleasure to dwelve the sounds. Brutal, harsh...? Platitudes. Yoshida offers a bit more - spacey squelches and open spacefeel to it. and yet if you look at the titles it gives different perspective. Reminds me a bit of these prog rock 70's bands and Ash Ra Tempel kindda thing, but as for those it was just an addition to pompous and shallow endeavours yet here there's some more...what?
Mind's journey

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