Messdiener - Würmer Im Kruzifix / Klosterarbeiten Psych.KG 33, 01/2008

Label: Psych.KG, E-Klageto
Catalog#: Psych.KG 33, 01/2008
Format: CD, Limited Edition
Flexi-disc, 12"
Country: Germany
Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Experimental, Indie Rock, Avantgarde
Notes: Limited & hand numbered to 50 copies, 12" box set w/ CD, 12" flexi disc & 2 inserts
Würmer Im Kruzifix
1 Gehacktes (1:31)
2 Der Schaumstoss (7:39)
3 Massensterben Oder Die Unsicherheit Beim Einkaufen (5:09)
4 Rote Kanne (Anstaltsversion) (5:49)
5 Christentrick (9:03)
6 Jedes Lebewesen Lebt! (2:59)
7 Alter Stich (2:36)
8 Natürliches Still (Druckluftmix) (4:52)
9 Ich Liebe Dich (Schlagerversion A-Seite) (3:08)
10 Neue Vernichtung (2:37)
11 Die Unsicherheit Beim Einkaufen (5:05)
12 Christentrick (Holzmix) (12:54)
13 Grande Finale In Weiss Wie Der Tod (9:53)
Really difficult to classify...first thing which came to my mind was Fuckhead - austrian act which I have known from years even in my early years of hard core punk.
But the energy here is much more tonned down. It appears to be based on 4/4 rhythms - sometimes marching, prepared electronica is just a background to the percussive, bass, synth main themes joined by teutonic vocal manner which is sometimes really irritating and sometimes funny as it goes on...Good stuff for some theatrical shows and actor's approach singing/songwriting - it has an original kick to it.


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