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Dawid Szczęsny "Lukated Symmetry" 2008 Porter Records

Nmperign + Dörner, Beins (2000, originally released on Twisted Village as a vinyl LP)

Bhob Rainey Two Bites of a Bitter Sweet (2006, originally released on Evolving Ear as a 7" vinyl single)

Bhob Rainey - "A flickering bid" (2008, originally released on Compost and Height as a split 3" with Ferran Fages)

Bhob Rainey - "6 Standing desert" Fringes Recordings 2000

HERBSTROST ( CD ) deserted factory / the tourette tapes

ECHRAN - Echran Ebria / Smallvoices

Pauline Oliveros "Lion's Eye/Lion's Tale" Deep Listening 2006