Pauline Oliveros - Ghostdance

1 Procession/Peregrinacion 10:35
2 Greetings/Saludos 2:03
3 Ghosting/Relaciones 2:25
4 Fragments/Fragmentos 4:14
5 In The House Of My Families/En Las Casas De Mis Families 0:59
6 Reverberations/Reverberaciones 3:43
7 Duet/Dueto 3:19
8 Body Stories/Historias Del Cuerpo 3:00
9 Monkey/Chango 2:52
10 Wolf/Loba 5:06
11 Private Journies/Viajes Privados 3:31
12 River Of Folk Dance/Rios Folkloricos 2:36
13 The Last Time/Ultima Vez 7:28
Accordion, Computer [Eis] - Pauline Oliveros
Djembe, Computer [Eis], Engineer [Sound] - David Gamper
Other [Liner Notes] - Paula Josa Jones , Pauline Oliveros
Photography - Pam White
Voice, Computer [Eis] - Julie Lyon Rose
A bi-national, site-specific music and dance collaboration between Mexico and the United States under the joint direction of choreographer Paula Josa-Jones and composer Pauline Oliveros, commissioned by Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors and the US/Mexico Fund for Culture.
Paula Josa-Jones makes dances about nothing less than death and life. Her works delve deep into the psyche, from which suppressed images emerge with primal force into the collective consciousness when summoned by the choreographer's evocative mix of props, text, music, and movement. Each piece springs from a collaboration among composer, filmmaker (frequently), lighting designer, writer, and the six members of her company, whom she encourages to improvise in rehearsal before shaping their responses into a finished performance.

"I come from the world of the theater," Josa-Jones says. "Theater is my passion. I love all the theatrical tools. I'm extremely visual. I see everything . . . I love to realize things in a literal way. Objects, costumes, and props are part of the soul of the work, not just ornamentation. They are soulful to me and, hopefully, the audience."

Her company, Paula Josa-Jones/Performance Works, was incorporated in Boston in 1985, but the choreographer and her troupe have traveled the globe in a search for universal cultural expression. Her 1997 schedule includes a preliminary trip to Russia, where she is launching a three-year project; a return to Mexico to present Luz y Hueso ("Light and Bone"), a duet for Josa-Jones and Tonya Lockyer, a longtime member of the troupe; and teaching and performing residencies at Bates Summer Festival, Skidmore College, and Kohler Arts Center in Wisconsin.

The soundtrack comprises many elements of the processed drone music of Pauline Oliveros with an soundtrack approach to composition.


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