Nojsens "Transmisja"

Dawid Chrapla - guy who melted metallic industrial noise blend into one with highly acclaimed bruitist Tomasz Twardawa ( Genetic Transmission ) and Rafał Sądej (Moan) as Hated Bruit Collective presents his solo work here.
There are plenty of traits here which are paths to understand this material - post industrial bruitism, noise and heavy duty ambience.
To  me album remains one of the sore points on the post indutrial and power electronics purists' asses. Clad in powerful synthesis Dave takes care of  keeping a very good scenario of each of his tracks which are not too long and right as they should be.
There is a great deal of sophisticated arrangements going on here and the tracks are not a mere improvisation, actually far from it which gives a good boost to concentrated fields of energy and detail.
good work, keep on//////


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