Franz Fjödor "Exhibition", "Glorious Days" - Vatican Analog

Wouter Jaspers working under the moniker Franz Fjodor as well as Preliminary Saturation (with Staplefahrer Steffan de Turck) has been into experimental music for a few years. Young might he be but the level of advancement in his musical endeavours is really high which for such young musician sets up a really nice impression. Yet you can feel a great deal of determination joined by his own way of expression.
His last two albums have a year gap in between - a time good for reconciliating Your experiences and working out individual formula of the style.
Wouter revolves in the field of drone music mingled with rich and creamy field recordings and utility of electroacuostic means. I have a deep feeling that what gives this kind of music a sort of freshness is the way he combines sound in a far off from academical style way. He himself derives his music from non-typical dark ambient folk chasm a very auto-didact one, bedroom made but in a hi-fi style.
What else gives me a clue to Wouter's music is the journey - which he, quite literally travels all the time and metaphorically transposes it into his work. The destination is way unknown which isn't a flaw at all, quite opposite...


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