Mirt "Handmade Man" catsun 2


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Mirt has been active for quite a while with his solo and Brasil and the Gallows brothers team. It was always quite tempting to categorize his stuff into the shabby aesthetics of post rock or dark ambient stuff but to me it is more of a courage to play such music as he does.
Very much individualistic I would say...derived from singer songwriter ethos all the tracks have a touch of gentle mannerism which isn't a flaw at all but makes it more orginal as a whole.
It is also a concept album which avoided the typicality of such...and what a subject, which wasn't that obvious for the circle of interest typical for such music. An evergrowing problem of control and safety in a society and culture we live in...seeking refugee in inner sanctum away from human stupidity.
Tomek gave a very special flava to the music he makes which are more of a songs than tracks/sequences of drone/ambient/field recordings - there's plenty of analogue synth wizardry and vocal as well as plain guitar sounds...pleasure to listen to and pleasure to grab the cover art too - check out the special edition inna wooden box with piezo which You can plug into Your mixer or effect loop...play and meditate!


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