1. Hammer’s Head
2. Overdrive the Moon
3. No Second Thought to the Mind of the World
4. The Eaten and the Eliminated
5. Make a Solid Butter from the Batter (A Damaged Good)
}e{nigmaplasme aka Jeff Gburek: electric guitar, effects
X-naVI:et aka Rafał Iwański: analog filtermachine, sampler, effects, microphone, zanza
Recorded ‘live in studio’ by Jeff Gburek and Rafał Iwański, Poznań, December 28-31, 2009. Mixed by Jeff Gburek, February-March 2010

Rafał Iwański and Jeff Gburek - two guys of so diverse past musical experiences that you could divide it into 5 other people with vast background in different styles set up a project which comprises approaches derived from 1990's and 1980's post industrial improvisation and droning memory of other paths. The lo-fi production gives a special spice to this recordings which despite hooking up on ghosts of past still sound amazingly fresh. What makes it is just the way Jeff and Rafał compose the sounds - something which today's music lacks in any kind of dispersed paths - the grounding grind and certain degree of aggressiveness which is an asset really.
Heavy pounding of Jeff's prepared guitar distortion and Rafał's analogue electronics create a perfect soundtrack for a morning juke. good stuff...


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