ltd#93: the shitty listener "constant stranger"

side one
1. get a grip
2. i call you up
3. across my dreams
4. the daymoon
5. bad wonder
6. smile now cry later

side two
1. lets get on the bed
2. i thank heaven for everything you do
3. i know it shows
4. except in dreams
5. i hold my face
6. different fur
7. smile louder (by the chord fort)
The real flair and true talent for whimsical vocal maestro - Jason Honea. His beautiful tiny arranged songs mirror his hard core punk background, folky singer writer clichees which he beautifully omits by turning the screw of its shallowness into the uneasy listening experience. I approached his cassette many times using my 5 different cassette tape decks and 6 portable cassette recorders which was huge when it comes to the audibility and getting the small and tiny bits out of the material. I enjoyed it even more with the lo-fi recorders which highlighted the atmosphere of improvisation and lo-fi haunted tracks. Thanks Jason! Thanks for bringing up the true base and core of it.


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