Yoni Silver- "peep holes" | cs181

Yoni Silver started his music studies with violin, then piano, and later moved on to alto sax, bass clarinet, and composition studies with prof. Yitzhak Sadaï. As an improv/noise musician he straddles the line between "total" freedom and one contained within loosely pre-determined structures. Also performs solo works incorporating acoustic instruments in combination with DIY controllers for computer manipulation, spread out on stage in the form of buttons, levers, boxes etc. (and a four-teated camel).
Has also composed and arranged music for theatre, film, art installations etc.
"Peep Holes" is his first solo release.
The album has a great approach to one particular subject in music which is silence. He uses wide array of subtle techniques to evoke as much as possible with the thoroughly specified output. It appeals to me very much of it as you need to master both composition and improvisation to get through it as well as the technique.
Perfect listen for a bright sunny Sunday Morning. Thank You Ernesto!


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