1101 Jason Kahn:::: Beautiful Ghost Wave from Herbal International www.herbalinternational.tk

New York-born Jason Kahn has been growing up in LA and now relocated to Zuerich, treads since 1990's the path of multi-dimensional artist revolving around sound design and sound installations derived from the colliding percussive elements which he grounded as being a percussionist himself originally with electronic sounds based on granular analogue modulations, radio frequency shifts with the edge of lo-fi DIY guerilla filtered through cautious and elaborate editing.
His work for Herbal International from Malaysia bears an imprint of losing time sequenced layering and broken loop of time continuum.
The feel and the edge to it owes a lot to Jason's past sound installations and energetic but not agressive electro-acoustic well controlled noisey improvisation.
Dense and refined through digital processing gives no chance to get bored with the composition which lasts a little bit over 40 minutes which is just exactly what I needed this morning.


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