Etamski "Lovely Interstellar trip"

Etamski helped me to dream better dreams of polish instrumental hip hop with his first album which wrappings smeared in oil brought the best to see how you can see clichees from different perspective. Grossly underrated back then it still looks at me from the shelf as an explicit evidence of a youngster with strong personality, knowledge and push to do things rollercoasting on the verge of a lonely, difficult path of  experiments.
Now, couple of years after that the mirror of his sounds has a different object in it being mirrored. The shadow of retro futurism and warm tape recorder glitch is haunted here by spiritual inside look. Still using the same tools, a little bit improved he heads along the microtonal and abstract errormatic psychodelia far beyond any reach of limitations of post-trip hop which could be an easy way.
Subtle flashbacks of ghosteric pulses, waves of squelches and derivatives of phantom soundtracks. Enough to make me feel like coming back to this cd more and more often 


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