MONOPIUM - The Goat & Dead Horses' Circus // ZOHAR 037-2

Now, that's more like it. When I heard from Michał who is behind Monopium and very close friend of mine that he is starting his project I was exhilarated and was expecting lo-fi junk guitar pedal noise . Fortunately he went completely other way round - angling at a retro cabaret, post industrial experimentalism true to the actual idea of experimentalism. Songs with a narrative touch not as for tracks which are the fake picture of what experiment is these days. And to dig deeper it goes as far as we can get when it comes to wholly embraced.
Funnily enough I was looking for a term that could encapsulate this "form" but so far maybe it is way better to look for a description that fits the idea which built it.
The oscillatory sensor
tha builds a fact
No one could predict the
senseless aquisitory act
as far as the senses are concerned
the cat out of hat
is something that I will not forget
to skim and set
to what is the debt
of preliminary effect
But no one knows how much
I wanted to
squirm and squash the very essence of the
self-injected lemon
so no one will assume
that this is the begining
or an end
to beget
and not to forget.
The depository clash.


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