Bruno Światłocień "Czerń i Cień" by Zoharum

That's something I haven't heard in a while - a dark new wave with ambient guitar work and post rock almost psychodelia... to put it simply. But let's steer away from oversimplification - Bruno is a great piece of work if you like this kind of stuff - very existential and dark bass drone of squashed emotions and melodious bass guitar and noisy lead guitars without too much of experimentalism but still having its own style and definitely working well in live conditions - I guess the band could be overloaded with the heavy style as an add-on to their already heavy stylistics.
One aspect of keeping up to your own style is definitely monotonous drive which is self understood if you notice that this interesting piece is a debut. As a blend of all those genres I guess it works well for a newbie band with people who have already worked in other bands - namely Mr Ehrlich - musician and a painter.
The album was produced by Michał Miegoń who is associated with bands like Kiev Office and The Shipyard.
Have a taste - if not too depressive - definitely worth listening!


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