Electric Uranus X-Navi: Et - Voices of cosmos

Second coming of Wojciech Zięba and Rafał Iwański introduces us to soundtrack dedicated to Nicolaus Copernicus who was born in Toruń, Poland - and to distant space transmissions.
With that approach I would expect a boring anthem in a style of electronic new age music wizards which is something that usually comes to mind.
But obviously this is not the case.
Especially with Rafał's background in Hati I would expect more rhythmical approach but as he centres on more electronics than acoustics the music drives into more austere type of "ambient" - well, there is no better word for that but I am always wary of this overused term which in post industrial scene easily weasels out with "dark ambient" - in most of the cases -an absolute bore!
Don't be alarmed - with awareness of these two pals goes a very good piece set in 9 different tracks where subtle reverse from acoustics goes into full blown soundtrack for cosmic hallucinations .
Derived from obvious post industrial archetype of Zoviet France duo develops the formula into mind boggling ambience of non-obvious rhythmical synthadelia and backgrounds which haziness and near coma experience. I found it definite and  site specific for inward journeys and a good music for any visuals that have something in common with NASA.
A very nice addition to already great discogs of both artists. A sidekick yet a very autonomous one.


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