Project Vultures Quartet came to being thanks to friendship between Will Connor and Schuyler Tsuda, two students of Hawaiian university of Manoa where they started to experiement. This recording was made after their performance during new music festival in Minneapolis - Spark Festival in 2010. The band was requested to record some music by University of Minnesota which made it possible for them to use the wide array of instruments that institution held.
What is the effect of this endeavour? You might think that it is highly academical piece of music rather inacessible to people from post-industrial underground. Luckily enough auto-didact DIY approach and musical consciousness of both of them determined the genre - a very interesting and deep blend of improvised music in a glitchy and minimalistic murk of post industrial ambiency and very very unique sound engineering work.
Yes, this is what I enjoyed most. Underrated yet may seem but with right directives the utility of instruments that sound interesting - band's style is highly enriched. Instead of low tone ambient that is generated by synths the ambience is produced in a sonorous way - a built-up tissue of carefully selected manipulations and atonal instruments' improvisations.
Great listening! More of these, please!


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