Wojciech Kucharczyk "Chest" Ep

Wojtek Kucharczyk has been around for a very long time - especially known as a mastermind behind the conceptual and musical idea of MIK music records - one of those DIY labels who started at the end of 1990's.
A graduate of fine arts university Wojtek always took care of both of graphical and musical profile of MIK. Started first as an experiment which turned out to be a very unique stylistics with specific aspects. Tonnes of cd-r and cd as well as vinyl releases, intricate covers - all this adds up to somewhat extraordinary and truly - underrated piece of music and high class irony and ...well, I rarely use this word - culture which perplexes through all the clichees of experimental music evolving. 
"Chest" ep is a collection of nicely suited outtakes out of the forthcoming Monotype release.
I have a problem with this music which is good because it makes a difference in terms of classifying - it's not necessarily pure  experimental and not necessarily fits into the style of post-techno muzak.
Using somewhat obscurely generated sound Wojtek gives an impression of a bizzare mix of beats and quirky synth backgrounds blend where music stops to the point blank and goes further down the road as a cabaret of sound and light.
There's a autodidact feel to this music, a sheer cunningness of funk but dressed up in attire of squelchy synth beats and unobvious elegance of humble experimentation and silliness.
Listening to this material I had a reoccuring question in my mind - how would a Joker card or Taroth fool card look like designed by Wojciech.
Mik music... don't miss it!


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