Dwutysięczny "Jedwabnik"

Dwutysięczny came up as a very nice surprise comprised of people whom I never expected to work together - a team of Jerzy Mazzoll, a legend of polish 1990's Yass scene which now comes back in full throttle, Błażej Król, a member of Kawałek Kulki band, Radek Dziubek of Innercity Ensemble and 1990's legend Blimp as well as Mastermind of Wojtek Kucharczyk who is a member of Mołr Drammaz and stand behind Mik Music label, a mighty swarming source of interesting beaty music and genuinely ingenious design.
Such clash of musicians must have an interesting output and not necessarily obvious style which proves only how much flexibility and energy all four of them have.
The cd released by Bocian records who has already established position among musical geeks makes me feel of cross-border event and meeting of the minds that might quadruple as the tracks go by. The first track “W miarę jak wędrujesz podnóżem góry, tajemnica się pogłębia has a very intense atmosphere and great feeling to it - a narrative of both electronic and electro acoustic  imagery which stays away from clichees of ambiental atmospherics. Especially if you add the clarinet quality of Jerzy's bass clarinet theme. It certainly adds a great deal of jazzy soft and yet grime opal of sounds.
Glitchy beats remind me of something which Mazzoll has already tried before and subtle as they are they don't overburden the rest of the tracks structure with something unnecessary. It's ideally packed with ideas and good vibe.
A really good piece of musice which I feel will not have any continuity but such is a fate of one-go projects but...who knows the course of action of this one.


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