Zenial "Chimera"

Long awaited vinyl album from Łukasz Szałankiewicz a.k.a. Zenial is a nice surprise from him, quite busy working as a curator and workshops organiser.
Zenial has started some good couple of years ago as a part of demo scene revolving around tracker and freeware based music composed by young enthusiasts of sampladelia and Warp records infused people in their early 20's.
He evolved from that thanks to his broad interests in post-industrial and improvised music as well as transpersonal psychology, obscure esotherics and post-modern school of philosophies or ideologies and foremostly by D.I.Y. samizdat street fight spirit.
I guess it eleveated him into a dimension of a spirit that can cross boundaries between the genres and something that most mature artists look forward to is to find her/his own language of idioms that will enable the artists to move on with ideas and materialising them into hard copy composition.
Zenial has a very unique sound which sounds like an echo of radio frequency mingled with low-bit Nintendo music and white/pink/brown noise drones - a highly unlikely combination when you talk about laptop based improvised music.
The composition oscillate around the low-frequencey drones and have a very narrative touch, not too noisey and fortunately not too typically drone ambient.
A nice product - someone might say - but a term "product" doesn't necessarily fit into the grime infusion music blocks which are a serious derivative of situationist theatre where the stage is your mind and the actors are doubts, thoughts and dazzling puzzling mood...


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