Emiter "Air/field/deedback"

Marcin Dymiter is coming back with new album that has been released by Monotype. One of the members of legendary noise rock band - Ewa Braun as well as Mordy and duo with Krzysztof Topolski opens up a new fresh outlet of 3 different elements that he blends together into superb amalgam. 4 compositions which enhanced by Air qualities as a resonator and a tranference medium, field recorded basis of material and feedback- the utility used by artists in connection to differentiating break up of the form, the archetype of breakthrough, experimentalism in noise music, stochiastic voyages and beyond.
A conceptual album of 3 very different variables which quantize the unknown. Despite the formalism there is plenty of dynamics which is totally natural, even in the matter of the genuinely fresh composing techniques he uses which I guess is an asset in case of a musician that might be stuck in a rut but isn't at all.
The elusiveness and sort of melancholy even that helps to dig through these sounds and have a very dense emotional character. And obviously the optical quality to it, narrative and imaginative as well, doesn't leave this dry feeling of absence that I have when listening to more academical representatives of conceptualism in experimental music. Glad you're back Marcin.


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