Jakub Pokorski "#33" 7' Monotype records

Here's a nice take of analogue/digital experimentalism which has so much grain and pollution to it I haven't heard in quite a long time.
Jakub has been active since quite a time but this is his first take under his own name and first release on Monotype and possibly first vinyl one.
The first feeling I got was that it is the introspective look into guts of hacked and whacked computer software with pixelised attachments which give this innovative post-techno quirk a good measure of good auld experimentalism a really fresh pinch of salt. Polluted, pollutated and confessioned as a sincere atonement of erroneous fixation it is as rhythmical as it can be and as involving as a narrtive biopolar biopsy of what's been lost since late 1999 introduction of so-called "laptop music" and off-top development of the experimental margins since then.
Really refreshing...


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