Snoqualmie Falls - Dream Sequence

Alicia and Jeff have a very theraputical influence on me. Within few minutes of this album I deeply relaxed myself which is quite a rarity as I don't usually find this kind of sensations when I listen to literallyany kind of music at the begining. To some extent I am grateful because this enabled me to dwell on the sound input of both of them and dig it through thoroughly.
As it is a one piece - one track album you definitely need to focus immensely on that and it might be helpful to use the album as a soundtrack to more quiet time. As far as I remember I have never been in great favour of albums like this - it's been mainly a domain of academic tape music of late 1980's and early 1990's but in all respects this material is just a different cup of tea.
Deep ambient with sublayered mimetic movements and slow absorbtion of each detail by the overall sound scheme as well as very mystical touch to it without exaggerated pompousness - subtle and diverse at the same time implemented with gentle and warm Alicia's vocals. This musical pattern here is more of a defragmented flux of natural subsphere of ethereal - just like a pommergranate fruit - a fractal pattern in its own respect. Poetic and harmonious.
I would like to see Jeff's and Alicia's co-work evolving and as I know Jeff's unique approach to sound material I am more than sure that they will do just and more than just fine.


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