YOSHIO MACHIDA Music From The Synthi by Baskaru

The medium is a message - I could repeat that mantra forever.
13 pieces by Yoshio Machida composed/improvised on Synthi AKS which was a revolutionary synthesizer who as opposed to Moog inventions wasn't based on keyboard rather than as it is in case of Synthi - a modulating machine and matrix that can help to make any patch you need.
The classification of a musical genre is secondary here. It's a study that Yoshio made on a blank piece of panel that helped him to refresh the medium out of its original  conondrum to new context. Before I even started to listen to it I thought of these minimal pulsations, micro-bursts, squelches and thuds as an austere form of ethnic music encapsulated in an electronic form. It definitely has a lot to do with Machida's experiences as an artist. He is extremely versatile and flexible and in this very album he found his match.
Conceptual yet in its minimalism - moving and sounding fresh as ever.


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