Abandoned Bird Egg by PAS Musique

Pas Musique has been a very intriguing cross-over of different musical entities and genres that altogether created a unique style through blend, working out variety of genres but most of all the meeting of the minds.
Evocative improvisations but those which stem from powerful narratives of post-industrial rather than generically driven free-improv sonorous pulp are the starting point of this great album. Embedded into the thunderstorm of analogue synthed backgrounds and crude, metallic junkish beats stories of human denial and dependency on the environment it created to satisfy ego trip that our post-post-modern civilisation runs. The clearly dystopian touch to the cds main theme has left me thinking how much of the modern commodities are making us and our senses crippled and disabled in terms of dependency on the means ...means to an end. On the other hand the interaction with technology creates a completely different niche and outlet that has effect on how we explore the inner world of the link between consciousness and the emotional entry fee into the vast terrain of the unknown that seemingly in a form of unconscious limbo, raw and infinite creates the phantom world of the glorious today.
Brooklyn based combo drives a bus into interzonal un-real trip of micro bursts and phantasmatic movements of synths and an array of prepared instruments giving the illusion of music that has to be put into a file of a genre - actually there is nothing more deceiving - PAS Musique have elaborately worked out their own vocabulary idioms covering a polyphonic wholesomeness which I will come back listening to on and on - I especially treasure that feeling as I have seen them live and they really do conform to their own vision which is rather difficult in a world of pre-programmed electronic experimental miasma which in this case they are not part of it - it's alive and kicking!!! 


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