France Jobim, a sound artist based in Montreal, Canada has a very unique, poetic approach to sound design. A very experienced sound artists with huge background in installations, participant of numerous experimental music festivals. Her philosphy of immersion is clearly present here.
A multilayered sound of minute qualities of grainy structures and clean cut walls of sound brick by brick bring the atmoshpere of  musical architecture which is embellished with both subtleness and extensive harmony that has a beautiful feminine feel.
Clean cut of technologies and back up of digital artistry have a deep influence on the shape of the tracks which haunting power has a great universal meaning - it could be perceived as something of a background music, an ambience that helps to immerse yourself into it and develop a serious mood.
On the other hand there is strong emphasis on the contextual element - shapeshifting composing like in the example of her album is definitely a great asset when you consider how much you could get of this minimalistic music - a soundscape that really heals you.


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