Aspirin by Aspirin

Once in a blue moon I get to know projects which are completely off-topped and can't be classified easily which makes them unique gems to listen but sadly the ones that because of their genuine character seem to be lost in the mist of time. I hoope this one won't share the same fate.
A Swiss/French project set up my Manuel Engel from Bern, Switzerland - a mighty fella blending and incorporating seemingly odd elements of noise art rock, minimal music and african ethnodelia. He contacted Ana Igluka from Nantes, France who contributed her vocals to it. A turning point for the duo was probably appearing on Nick Porsche's album "Blood" with an intro.
Very narrative in its nature - thanks to songey structure of the tracks and Ana's vocals takes us on a trip to the surreal land of bombastic pomposity and very original language as far as the mind can bear extreme clash of instrumental bend of arrangements and something that reminds me of Rock in Opposition glorious way of improvising turned into gold!!! Excellent album!


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