Theu Anagnosis by Bisclaveret

Edited and published in 3 different versions - 2 different cds - black and white and well as golden edition of a vinyl newest album of Bisclaveret opens a bit different file in the up-to-date Zoharum releases. Diverse still yet revolving around the post-industrial/ambient ethos which at times offers comething completely different - this time gave me wuite a surprise with this material. The root that this one is connected with stays still the same - a densely arranged ambient afflicted music with dark transgression toards mysticism and vocalised poetry.
A subtle beat which the first track starts with develops slowly into something more dynamic with the background of synthesized sounds and voice-over of the vocalist who is the owner of Zoharum himself. With his voice - steady and stern he puts a different context into minimalistic beats and ambiance of etheral electronics.
It's an offtop album but with great potential and definitely worth digging through.


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