Spaceheads - Trip to the Moon EP

Andy Diagram and Richard Harrison has been around for a good while and this is certainly not a blast from a rugged past. Two-piece project of freaky experimental drums  ethnofunkodelia and processed live trumpet brings as ever fresh breath of air to the experimental music with jazzy electronic roots. It's a masterpiece of colour, discipline, wittiness and straightforward approach to composition. First track is giving a stunnng pooooof and goooof feel of a steam train fast march. Second one brought instantly a memory of Pierre Bastien handheld machinery polka but only for a while then pushing its own tempo and genuine energy of funk punk origin still meandering in the soundscapey and tight manner which nicely continues in the third track who could do its own original Top of The Pops if it was more of a real music feel to it: dwelving the mine of sounds on its own terms. Last track is a melancholic trip to the moon embalmed in fizzy wizzy spacey coup of subtle drums and voiceover of pensive trumpet.
Excellent album from great duo...hey it's only 4 track ep. and . I am feeling hungry for more already...


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