Rasmus Fisker "Hydra"

Danish composer Rasmus Fisker serves a nicely composed dish of idm electronica, melancholy and nostalgia with thoughtful bent towards ambient. Through diversity and great production it feels like he has a fresh outlook of electronica, idm, bits of glitchy clicks n' cuts jazz is nowadays. Obviously it might be easily a clichee district but skilfully and gracefully as he does it - nothing goes astray - Rasumus keeps everything in one stance and nothing strays out of his focus. Smooth and with a slight touch of arty suspense he dwelves through different layers of what might become a repetitory lesson.
Moves on to acoustic piano bits - both playing on the keys and insides - blends it with acusmatic glitches and falls into some jazzy climaxes. And there is more - listen to it...


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