ForrrestDrones - Najas Flexilis Exequiae

Robert Skrzyński is a rising and ever productive musician working under moniker Micromelancolie which he uses as an outlet of hauntologic voyages into sparky drone ambient glitchy world of sounds derived from experimental music but having great illustrative and soundtracky feel to it. He released a lot of cassettes and already ahs a release with Zoharum records which produced and published this title as well.
Forrrest Drones is a side project of Robert where to my taste he embellishes and explores more of a ambiency derivative as well as works with voices and glitch.
It is one long track which to som extent may seem rather dicouraging as the audacity of the experimental music sometimes can be breached by amass of the material put into one row or one wave length not really caring about the fact that the listener can get simply bored with it. But fortunately the material on this nicely produced eco-packed cd limited to 300 copies does all the goodness it can as it sounds fresh and unassumingly pretty.
Droney glitch which characterises Robert's music is a derivative of the late 1990's laptop music but after over a decade of the re-inventions he embellished it beautifully putting into very individualistic anthem of intimacy and wonder. He will definitely will give more and more to what he actually can do. A real audible pleasure here has some additional value to it as it reaches a certain climax which I can only refer to as a poetry.Worthwhile!


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