When It Matters Most by Flightbike

"When it matters" is an album from mighty Shades Wade working under a moniker of Flightbike.
To approach his music one needs to prepare for a joyride of quirkiness and unassuming esotheric voyage of constant modulation and trance.
Flightbike rose from the untraceable ( at least on this album - which just tells a lot about the high class of the protagonist) inspirations of blues, jazz, psychodelic vintage boogierama which leaves definitely a gentle touch on the production of the piece. But as far as I am concerned - there is no trace of cheesy cornish pate of jazz rock . Instead we get a very interesting set of tracks with the spirit of restlessness and invetivness that you don't really get in a way too serious art  world of free-improvised music.
Going down into the archetypes of the urban myths where technology drives you towards understanding of the incapability where everything is at hand but nothing is permanent...


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