Corridors to Infinity (2CD Reissue) by Expo 70

Remember those proggey space ensembles that specialised itself in suites?
Expo 70 surpasses this old clichee and follows the trail of kraut rock induced psychodelia. Adding some organ and interesting synth to this amalgam there is plenty to discover in this meditative aura.
Justin Wright who is the brain of the band is giving his creative outlet to magically combine past and present, and seemingly so he is very successful at that. He knows how to co-operate with other musicians here who are set on the same rules as a leader and it adds up to the character of the album.
The music here reminded me a quote from T.S. Elliot "... enlarge the imagined range for self to move in".It is a representation of an inner landscape who metaphorically and quite literally walks into us when we are open to it. The narrative of the story in this set of tracks is somewhat endearing, full of energy - guitar drone with afflictions to experimental metal, creative force of kraut rock bands like Ash Ra Tempel and ethnodelic legacy of Can - all those influence the process and help to understand how much what is inherited is re-imagined, reconstructed and half-way in between we already know that it is not a mere coincidence that we help ourselves with understanding where we are as a listener.


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