Philip Jeck "Cardinal" [Touch # TO:98V] Gatefold double vinyl edition [+ download]

Philip Jeck could be called a veteran of minimalist, droney and atmospheric turntablistic ambient. He embellishes his arrangements and his brush strokes very skillfully using turntables, lo-fi keyboard, bass guitar, obsolete technology like mini discs to embrace some deeper aspects of creation.
It is beyond the term of "experimental" and as he build himself an interesting niche - it is definitely a private and intimate world of ambience within a delicate sphere of personal inner voyage not distorted at all by anything that is pompous and anything that bears the resemblance of so much overrated emblem of "spiritual journey" or indviduation in new agey type.
You can listen to it while in the middle of a outburst of consumeristic, hungry vow of being true to your senses. You can try to deplore it and leave it as it is.
My suggestion is - tune yourself into it, it is truly great stuff - not an ounce of boring repetitism from the mouth of an experienced veteran.


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