Jehm Circs

Cellule 75 is new label by Black to Comm's Max Richter who also runs under moniker Jehm Circs.
A really interesting album made up entirely of sampled voices which at first  before I even thought and started listening was probably one of them to be plunderphonic albums but emerged out of something less disorientating and actually completely different in tone and in style that most of the plunderphonics represent.
First of all the voice here is used methodically and somewhat geometrically - it creates not only textures but also melodies and patterns that are somewhat easy listening and you can basically call them tunes.
If you think of a source material and how it is subtly glitched and transposed into structures you can just be astounded how smoothly and beautifully it is done.
Max really did an fair amount of work that has so much clean and transparent energy to it- I think I would probably put it in line of the best albums of the passing year.


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