Matt Christensen - Honeymoons by Miasmah records

Imagine singer/songwriter archetype transposed magically into the dwindling twilight of mystery and elusiveness which even most of the shoegaze genre or post rocking melancholiacs - and I don't mean boring delayed and reverberated guitar frenzy that is so popular right not.
Miasmah records presents newest album by Matt Christensen which may come across at the first listening as something which lacks rhythm and motoric quality to it but just fades into waves of echoed subtlety of vocal and guitar with distant electronic background. Well now I could just wrap my review and say - that's all folks. But Matt genuinely magically brings so much goodness to emerge - if you think of some references think about Talk Talk or David Sylvian stuff but even subtler without harrowing and pretentious Sturm und Drang pathos.
Soft delicacy at its best!


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