MazzSacre + / Live in Warzywniak [limited]

Jerzy Mazzoll comes back in big style.
In 1990's he was one of the most prolific musicians of Polish movement called yass, experimenting with diversity of music styles, playing and recording so much that I have lost the count but probably the most important one was Arythmic Perfection, or maybe the most distinct where he was a leader.
This double cd published by irreplaceable Instant Classic label shows a mature musician whose freshness has never lost its edge.
He has got great support in folks associated with legendary John Zorn's Tzadik label and up and coming Innercity Ensemble who is a flagship product of Instant Classic.
As Jurek mentioned in describing his work - the base was the tracks of his main instrument - bass clarinet which made the skeletal foundation of the whole thing.
The whole album - in this case both of them is a highly interesting and dynamic blend of different styles - improvised ethnic jazz, electronic soundscapes, or basically a free form experiment.
Along with Jerzy we have Radek Dziubek on electronics,Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz on double bass, oud and bass guitar, Jacek Stromski on drums and percussives, Piotr Dunajski on trombone and Mariusz Kawalec on alt sax along with Oleg Dziewanowski on drums.
Great comeback to the prisitine form of energy from Mazzoll who is everactive and full of new ideas.


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