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my favourite music in 2017

SUGAI KEN - UkabazUmorezU

It Dockumer Lokaeltsje "Tonger"

new mixcloud episode

Jason Grier - Demonstration disc

Elementy Ruchu by Moon2

ADRIAN CORKER JACK WYLLIE Adrian Corker Jack Wyllie CD/DL Chaoide Records CHA1


"Non​-​Places" by Daniel Barbiero - Cristiano Bocci

Trupa Trupa "Jolly New Songs"

#void by John Lake


Coh plays Everall

Orga by Sum Of R

Saturated (ALRN068) by ARU meets Black Saturn

MIA ZABELKA Cellular Resonance LCR009

Philip Jeck - Iklectik

ORPHAX - Warschauer Straße

Fallen "no love is sorrow"

Mirt& T.E.R. "Bacchus, where are you?"

cena holding by lopness

Post​-​functional Dub Objects by Fischerle

AB BAARS + TERRIE EX Shifting Sands

Harvest Of Despair by Kraft

Celer "Another blue day"

X-NAVI:ET ''Machina Nova''