X-NAVI:ET ''Machina Nova''

With ever hard working musician as Rafal Iwanski you could expect that the influences between his team projects and his solo work is a very thin line. Founder of Hati and founding member of such projects as Kapital or Innercity Ensemble, Rafal has a lot to offer - much more than just being great percussionist and mastermind behind success of those projects and many others.
His new solo work comes as a surprise as his X-NAVI:ET used to be more of an ambientish feel.
Here he presents his full blown vision of electroacoustic music which has a great percussive and beat potential, uses ethnic instruments such as hulusi from China or even Russian balalaika, transcends the line that might be his downfall - ethnic music re-created way too often falls into category of world music which is as close to pompous voyages towards nowhere as anything.
There is a great deal of skill to use instrumental magnitude of sounds to give you the feel of harmony and release emotions into music that shape it as a tribal droney percussive beat for a proper trance rather than a dirt cheap psybient. Takes a balanced and knowledgeable mind.  


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