Saturated (ALRN068) by ARU meets Black Saturn

Alrealon musique is a small but mighty label from Brooklyn, NYC presenting a variety of acts from different genres, not limiting itself to only what might be a narrow skid row alley of hermetic and idiosyncratic fest.
It will never get you bored with some of the finest acts I have listened to. From dark gothic psychodelia, tribal ritualistic ambient in rhythmajick sauce, experimental dub and hip hop, post-industrial blend of different flavours.
ARU meets Black Saturn is a fine example of how beaty hip hop flirts with dub and saturated psychodelic spliff of voyage into the abyss of red cape urban magick.
If you are looking for references you might be well aware of Dj Shadow, Meat Beat Manifesto, Prefuse 73.
There are guitar jamming flavours here, there are stoned beats and proper MC with interesting lyrics to it. All is not overdone with post-production but rather rugged in obscurity of the rusty minimalism both on composition aspect of it and the determination to keep it real and fresh.
There is not an ounce of triviality and pretentious trips, pure flow of energy and liquid silver of rooty slam. Dig it, folks!


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