Trupa Trupa "Jolly New Songs"

Trupa Trupa is coming back with his new album called "Jolly New Songs" and I should add with an interesting array of lyrics as well.
Trupa Trupa originally from Gdańsk, Poland adapted their own way of songwriting, on this album turned a bit into more visceral guitar tissue that is a clear development when you think of other side of their albums - what I mean by that is savouring the delicacy of the lyricism that their songs clearly bear.
Their songs started having more subtle psyched droney feel to it - "Falling" for instance where 1960's sounding bass helps the both guitars to turn sour dissonant and then fall into shoegaze experiment. All in a bit more than 2 minutes. It helps me to understand that many promising groups haven't rested on laurels. Trupa Trupa is one of them.
The adjective "jolly" is somewhat a twist and contradiction in terms when you think of their idea of jolliness. Grzegorz delivers lyrics which are more of a danse macabre feel and ironic at the same time. Which clearly follows by their distinctive feel when it comes to music - the depth and the weight e.g. "Mist"
I like the fact that there is so much different hues of melancholy in what they put out. The title song " Jolly new song" and followed by the next tracks like "Leave it all" and "Love Supreme" delivers that in full spectre.
if you feel like listening to something both chillaxing and to the even extent - something that has a specific value to it - "Jolly New Songs" is a perfect choice.


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