Remains by TER

What is the essence of fragility and sensuality that is exposed to the daylight to the surface of a musical theme? How does one transform crackling of the synapses into beat that reaches deeper than just a solution for a ailing urge to hear something individualised and yet something that echoes what we really are? Are we the remains of the daylight musings that have the other aspect that dwells on before the day passes on?
T.E.R. offers something which in terms of ever-burning question is an experiment through ambient, drone, melancholic post-techno. But let's suspend those for a while and dip your ears into that what she has to offer.
There is definitely a great deal of skill to balance the tension between silence and depth that feels even to less audible sounds and more rhythmical squelches that help you to feel that there is consistency which to me is clearly a way of a mature artist.
Like heated glass the intake of her music is relentless and helps to understand why so many good albums are not necessarily the ones that are overblown with the stimuli and the means to convey the framework, the vision of an artist.
"Remains" is merely a piece in her musical output but what a piece it is - sound poetry that is best to be listened to in privacy and intimacy - you can recognise it by the fact that even small, subtle waves of sound bring natural associations and memories of something you know - this process goes on through the whole album which is a must to repeat and even forcefully focus on those details again and again. Try it yourself, beautifully released by Jasień label on vinyl.

Remains on bandcamp


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