Andrey Kiritchenko "Overt" on Spekk

I got to know Andrey (b.1976) through Jeff Surak's Zeromoon label and its releases, especially Critikal where both gents participate.
Andrey whose career spans over 20 something years is a leader of Nexsound label and great many events. His newest album - "Overt" released by Japanese Spekk shows a mature instrumentalist turned interesting composer. His sound is as usual defined by a cross hybrid of both acoustic and experimental electronic sound which here unfolds itself into a harmony of both interesting themes, melodious resonance and with a little bit of wit and common sensual minimalism it builds itself into interesting amalgam of both positive tension and clandestine chamber music.
It's done not only with virtuosity but an enhanced touch of elegance and subtlety.
Quite a rare occasion to experience that in music. 


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