Mateusz Wysocki who creates music under moniker of Fischerle has released his new cassette with Pointless Geometry.
I was a little taken by surprise when it comes to his cover which somehow corresponds in my understanding to plunderphonics through the cartoonishly wacky sense of humour but the contents of the actual cassette is rather set in a different sonic landscape.
Conditioned by very firm architecture of minimalistic beats who tend to be a curious amalgam of post-techno and strangely traversed ethnic ping pong of reversed mechanics, Mateusz adds an interesting ambience to his - his sense of combining little elements.
It never misses a beat and always comes into the right pattern. 
There is a certain feeling of anxiety to this music, a sense of anticipation that dwells on the cyclical aspect of the beats and harmonies here. A great introduction to this artist's work. Worth a search!

Beard&Parachute on Bandcamp


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