Flux (Instant Classic​/​MA29) by KAPITAL & RICHARD PINHAS

The mighty classic of experimental guitar synth wizard - Richard Pinhas joins forces with Polish duo - Kapital - Rafał Iwański from Hati and Kuba Ziołek from Stara Rzeka solo project as well as Alameda projects and both playing in Innercity Ensemble.
In the case of musicians from different generations - and we basically have 3 different artists from 3 different generations you can ask yourself a question - what comes of a collaboration of such different mindsets and approaches. However in electronic experimental music these questions seem sometimes irrelevant when you consider that tuning into each other's musical flow is much more important than just genre-related subtleties.
Flux is an energy spawned from transcending time. It's an improvisation wrapped in rhythm structures and gauging the emotional tension. The themes of haunted dystopian dream turned dead blue is an array of means that cross the border between a ritual and a soundtrack to the movie that you create on your own terms.

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