Jason Honea "The Greens, Pinks, Whites" The shitty Listener "You start fights", "Crying Sweater"

Jason Honea's a dad, singer, sayer,teller, artist, teacher,performer and a shitty Listener living in Berlin.Oh, and a Pisces- Norwegian American Catholic too.

His dad was an aviator.
Nice for a start when I tried to approach the persona without listening his music.
Jason's recordings took me by really nice surprise as the great thing about them is they are mucho grande difficult to categorize which is so my kindda thing.
"You start fights" is an intimate sonata based on the lo-fi field recorded session with guitar and vocals with some preparations in the background sounding like a laptop post-punk psychedelia made from ash, glue and mud and jittering of the late night bed bugs. I really enjoyed the pagan carol - first track of haunting melodiousity and nudity of the truth of the foregoer...it's all "Blood in the clock" The twingling noise of "All my wine" was charming and again so surprisingly beautiful idea behind it as to get as much as possible from almost nothing (when it comes to "technology" ) which I loved so dearly when I listened Dublin's Steve Fangan's work... Haunted voice line keeps me on the track with "Sleep in my coat" and along with the last two tracks filled with lo-fi preparations and hossianna mantra chanting...
"Crying Sweater" took me with the subtleness I love and very nice blend of elaborate joint of lo-fi sounds and feedbacks...the ambiency that is way too unpredictable to call it with a withered and worn-out term "ambient"Dreaminess and haziness of feedback with nice guitar - beatless gamelan...
The same trail follows on "The Greens, Pinks, Whites" which is my favourite - really embellished and polished.
Good work Jason, and thanks again for the cds...


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