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Fergus Kelly - Unsound Fiction

  Fergus Kelly is an important artist. Not necessarily in a way you could describe a breakthrough sound artist that breaks the boundaries of genres or idioms that haven't been productive but rather as a stable reference to an experienced musician who is reinventing himself all the time and is breathing art and devouring it bringing us to the questions that in a compulsively materialistic world of cunsumerist culture may as well be...well...quite important. With his background in DIY ethos of making music independently and putting it into a context of both instrument making and using ready made installations or on site objects to create compositions that are about wider understanding of ambience and psychogeographical quality of audible illusion to the limelight. On his newest album, Kelly, used spaces in both Dublin and Cavtat, Croatia. Humble as it may seem - it is a fantastic journey to the core of the sound - it has both the quality of something mysterious and elusive and gets o

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