MARTIN KÜCHEN "The Lie & The Orphanage"

I am familiar with Martin Kuechen work since hell how long, I dunno really, Creative Sources did a really great job releasing his work as usual with Ernesto's outputs.
Martin's classification brings troubled academic minds a great havoc and a great deal of problems as he doesn't really fits into improvised music and free improvised clichee..same with this album which to me bears a strong association with scientifical research of information as a means of communication in a world of cells, atoms and all the subatomic molecule and memetic world of interchangeable reality particles. That is of course my free association with the music itself but the way Martin puts his sounds together and how he builds up the pressure within humble and simple means he uses makes me think of how much can be done on the platform of language and I don't only mean the language per se but also the flow of energy which the language itself is just a symptom.
Very solid base of his musical background gives a great listener's pleasure in finding out how the mechanism of the composition works here. Great listen again from mighty Audiotong...


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