01 - Gloriously Repeating
02 - Life Expectations
03 - Dead Man

release date31/03/2011

I approached Alessandro's cd with a huge excitement and curiosity. Though I have heard his name as he worked with various artists I love like Michel Doneda, Anette Krebs, Gunter Christmann I didn't know his solo work that much. If we apply the terms and definition of improvised music to what is present here on this Monotype release it's barely a blurr which desn't seem appropriate at all. Not a bit even of typical sonorous experiments - instead vocal voyage with background piano compositions: spoken word took the reigns of the narration and narration it is with all its rich flavour. The flow of this album is amazing, not a scrape of anything useless and odd out elements. I started to look for some references as for a source of inspiration for Alessandro but searching through some data and stuff I got the feeling that such albums should be approached with a free associations process. Watching a movie without a soundtrack as the soundtrack became the script for listening itself. great work!!!


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